Argentinians Mourn As Germans Clinch The Much-desired World Cup Title!

No! No! Noooooo! I shouted as Gotze’s marvelous kick flung the ball right into the nets. It was a GOAL! And right the next second, the Germans were hailed as the World Cup Champions 2014. My mind simply couldn’t accept that. That was not what was supposed to happen! Had I been eagerly watching the match for over 2 hours just to see my favorite team lose? No! How could that ever happen?

That was my very first reaction as I saw Argentina being deprived of the World Cup trophy that at least to me, it so deserved. It was such a painful moment not only for the Argentinian supporters but also for the players whose all dreams and aspirations of winning the World Cup were shattered with that one Gotze goal. They had reached the finals and yet they couldn’t make it to achieving the title, the title that all of them so longed to have. After the match, you could literally see many of them crying over this last-minute defeat they faced.

So you see Argentina’s defeat came as a great shock. I, personally, really wanted to see them win. And, to be honest, my support for them was not because I thought they were stronger than Germany or because I hated Germany. It was instead due to the sympathy that I felt for Argentina. Since 1990, Argentina had never been able to reach the semi-finals let alone win a World Cup. Given this, this match was a golden chance, a gleaming opportunity for the Argentinian team to prove themselves and make the whole of their nation proud of them. It was high time for them to grab the cup as it was something that they had not been able to do for the past 3 decades. But who knew things would not turn out quite as they anticipated!

And, another big big reason why I supported Argentina so much is its star player, LEONEL MESSI!! He is reputed to be one of the best footballers that history has ever seen, with his fast speed and graceful yet witty shots. Having won countless awards and accolades earlier in his football career, he is the man on whom my hopes were pinned and who I believed would lead Argentina to its glorious victory. In the end, he failed to do so but it does not, in any way, mean that he is less of a genius than he is already known to be. He was, and still remains a great footballer and I do wish that in the next world Cup, he is able to achieve that one thing he has not been able to achieve uptil now: A WORLD CUP TROPHY!!




A Life Lived For Others Is A Life Worth Living!!!

A few days back, I was skimming through my Facebook Newsfeed when I read something that really grabbed my attention. It was a quote, a truly inspiring quote that so touched me that I decided to write about it. It read something like this:

Nothing in the nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water. Trees don’t eat their own fruit. Sun doesn’t give heat for itself. Flowers don’t spread fragrance for themselves… Living for Others is the Rule of Nature and the path to happiness….

Apparently, it may seem like a simple statement, but delving deeper, I find it’s more than that. It carries a deep message with itself, the message of love, compassion, sacrifice and service in the cause of humanity. It tells us that selfishly living life for our own selves and running after fulfilling our own wishes and desires carries no meaning. The real joy and satisfaction in life, however, comes when our actions actually help others and make a difference in their lives. Take an example. How do you feel when a child is able to go to school because of you or when you bring smiles to the people around you? All these, no doubt, give a deep sense of inner contentment and happiness and life really begins to look meaningful.

All around us, there are countless people who are suffering, day after day, from lack of food, water, shelter, medicine, education and other basic necessities. They are not even able to feed themselves let alone have the privilege of enjoying the luxuries of life. But then, take a break and think, is that what their lives were doomed to be? Is that what they really deserve? The answer is ‘NO’. We, as members of our society, are bound to help them and spend in their cause. Just because we are privileged enough to fulfill our needs, does not mean that we can ignore their call. Serving them is not a favor on our part; it is instead an obligation. It is, in the words of Muhammad Ali:

The rent that we pay for living in this world!!!

Today, on this instant, let all of us make an commitment to ourselves: that we will work to the best of our capacities to improve the lives of people around us, that we will seek to  bring positive change in others’ lives and make a difference through our selfless dedication, devotion and hard work!